How to Change the Time on Your Samsung Phone System

Note: You must use a display keyset.

  1. While on-hook, press TRSF and then dial 200 (Display: [ENABLE CUS. PROG. PASSCODE]).
  2. Dial the four digit passcode (Display: [ENABLE CUS. PROG. - DISABLE]).
  3. Dial 1 to enable (Display: [ENABLE CUS. PROG. - ENABLE]).
  4. Press TRSF. The keyset returns to its idle condition.
  5. Press TRSF and then dial the three digit program code for date and time change - 505
  6. Enter the new time and date using the following format:
  7. W (Day of the week): Enter 0 for Sunday and 6 for Saturday
  8. MM (Month): Enter 01 for January and 12 for December
  9. DD (Day of the month): Enter a number in the range of 01-31
  10. YY (Year): Enter the last two digits of the year
  11. HH (Hours): Use the 24 hour clock and enter a number in the range of 00-24
  12. MM (Minutes): Enter a number in the range of 00-59
  13. Note: Failure to enter the time using the 24 hour clock will cause the date to change at 12:00 P.M.
  14. Verify the time and date and reenter them if necessary
  15. Press TRSF to store and exit programming